Today jokes

  • Teacher: Why are you so late?
    Student: There was someone who lost a hundred dollar bill!
    Teacher: Oh, that is nice. Were you helping him to find it?
    Student: No, I was standing on


  • A teacher asked his student:
    what is the most important source
    of finance for starting a successful business?
    Students: “Father in law”.


  • Exams are like girl friends
    – difficult 2 understand
    – too many questions
    – more explanations are needed
    And results are most of the time failure…
  • Boss: Where were u born?
    Sardar: India
    Boss: ok, which part?
    Sardar: what do you mean by ’which part’? … the Whole body was born in India


  • 1st friend: hey can i use your mobile to call my girlfriend!
    2nd friend: yeha sure just hit redial
  • Wife to Husband: In my dream you were buying a diamond ring for me!
    Husband : yeah I saw your dad was paying for it


  • In exam madam said write Ur Loverz Name in Paper..
    After 02 seconds GIRLZ said: Finished madam..
    After 1 hour BOYZ Said: Extra Sheet plzzz…
  • Teacher: Imagine you are living in a world of dinosaurs and suddenly you are surrounded by hungry dinosaurs, just waiting to feed on you. What do you do?    Student: That is easy, I would just stop imagining right a way


  • My life is a painful battle between my love to FOOD and not gaining WEIGHT. Funny but true


  • Wife: I wish I was a newspaper so I would be in your hands all day.
    Husband: Really! but you probably did not realize that I am not reading the same newspaper each day! but a new one everyday